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Frames for icons of the company Kroshe (Raduga bisera)

Mstitch.comBaguette for decoration embroideryFrames for icons of the company Kroshe (Raduga bisera)
Decorative frames for icons made of beads by the company "Crochet".
So, your embroidered icon is ready and it's time to pick it up with a decent design. Of course you can go to a specialized baguette workshop, but if you are limited in time and finances, it is more convenient to choose a ready frame for the icon.
Today the framework for icons is presented in many stores, and when choosing it is important to pay attention to several important points. First of all, you need to remember that the internal size of the window frame should be slightly less than the size of the embroidered work. If the size is larger, a white edge of the fabric will appear around it and the design will look unprofessional and sloppy. On the other side there is another problem - a frame too small . In this case, the rows of beads will be closed and embroidery will lose some of its original appearance, especially it is important for works of ornamented edges.
If you decided to buy a frame for an icon in an online store, be sure to note that it was for the bead icons. Such frames consist of a double baguette profile, thanks to which glass does not rest on the beads, pressing them, and a gap is formed. Because of it, the beads are in a free state and do not lose their luster and overflow. If the embroidery is placed in a conventional photo frame or for a diploma, it will not look and lose all its scope and charm.
Most of the frames for icons today are made strictly to the size of the icon of high-quality plastic, the width of the baguette is from 4 to 6 cm. All of them are completed with a suspension and glass. The work is attached to an adhesive tape that does not damage the embroidery, any newcomer can gather the frame in 10 minutes. The baguette is produced under the sets of the most popular Russian manufacturers. Ready frames for Crochet icons will make it easy to decorate the embroidery at home without resorting to the services of a baguette workshop.

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