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Silk harmony

The kits of the company "Silk Harmony" are intended for beginners to embroider with ribbons and contain a step-by-step description of the work and performance of stitches.
If you want to master embroidery with ribbons, buying embroidery kits will be the easiest way.
This is a unique 3-D technique embroidering ribbons designer Matyukhova Oksana, conveying the volume of petals of flowers, ripples on the water, the depth of yards and streets. "Silk harmony" is a kit that makes pictures of famous artists live, creating a voluminous world in which you can visit the sun terrace in St. Address of Claude Monet, stroll along the bridge near the ancient castle of Alfred Fontvill or be in the late 18th century in the Place de Paris among the beautiful ladies With flowers in the hands of Louis Shriver.
Unlike embroidery with beads, the instruction to the kit only demonstrates the possibilities of the technique. You do not need to follow it exactly, you can apply other stitches, add beads, threads, accessories. Thanks to this creative approach, each work turns out to be individual and unlike the others. In addition, embroider tapes much faster. Having mastered the technique on the example of one of the kits, you can embroider ribbons for anyone who liked the drawing.

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