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I have received my order. Thank you. It did not inclde instrunctions in English. Can you email them to me, please?

Thank you, Sarah


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Drawing the needle (Risuem igloy)

Mstitch.comEmbroidery and cross stitch kitsEmbroidery kitsDrawing the needle (Risuem igloy)
Is it possible to convey a frosty pattern on the glass, the convergence of the golden ray on the rose petals, the waving of the light wings of a merry moth fluttering over the summer garden, the rustling of leaves in the trees? Of course it is possible! - the painters confidently say .
But with the help of a needle and thread it is also possible. Kits of the company "Drawing needle" will allow you to transfer the finest shades, turn cotton threads into silk, and embroidered painting into a museum exhibit: well, at least to a family heirloom or an invaluable gift from the heart. And the most important thing is that any woman can do it. Even the one who firmly believes that she can not thread a needle. Painting with smoothness gives an ordinary person the wings of creativity, turning him into a real artist!
"Drawing needle" kits is a radically new direction in the Russian market. The amazing combination of unique embroidery technique with smooth, high-quality materials and excellent, accessible and written instructions makes these kits unique.
The kits with article B is a premium gift package. Expensive packaging and assembly of kits "Draw with a needle" will make them an excellent gift for the needlewoman. Such kits are designed for experienced embroideresses. Embroidery is carried out using a color map. The series is out of production, the site keeps such kits in stock.
The kits of the N series are embroidered with the luxury series, the embroidery process is facilitated by the fact that all the necessary data: colors, transitions, stitch length are applied to the fabric. The result of the embroidery will be the same as that of the premium class sets.
The kits of the L series are luxury sets of a smaller size, bundle and embroidery process the same as for the N series.
The kits of the ML series - mini kits of embroidery for beginners embroiderers. If you want to try the embroidery on the surface, but you are intimidated by the volume and price of large sets - mini kits for you. A fun and colorful plot will make your work fascinating and interesting. At the same time, the quality and completeness of the kits remain at the level of large kits.

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