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Hello!! Nataliya.
I'm contacting to let you know the item arrived without any trouble.
I'm really satified with the quality, just as expected.
Thanks for the smooth transaction!: )

I'll be sure to do business with you again!

Thank you!

Saori Komura


+7 (499) 390-1017


Phone: +7 (499) 390-1017


The company Vervaco was founded in 1949 in the center of Geel in northern Belgium. Vervako began as a wholesale dealer of haberdashery goods, yarn, embroidery, etc., very soon it began to produce its own kits for needlework.
Vervaco is known all over the world as one of the leading manufacturers of quality embroidery kits. The kits of Vervaco are produced today in various embroidery techniques. The Vervaco collection contains cross-stitch embroidery on a printed pattern, carpet technique, embroidery with a counting cross and smoothness. Vervaco kits are not only pictures, but also pillows, tablecloths, table tracks, handbags, and other wonderful accessories for your home. Every year Vervaco renews the collection for more than 100 new designs, which are presented in the annual Vervaco catalog. You can buy Vervaco (goods for needlework and embroidery kits) in 52 countries around the world.
In the section there are kits for cross-stitching, also we offer you kits in carpet technique, long stitch and so on.

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