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Fujico Collection

The cross stitch kits Fujiko (Fujico Collections) by Japanese firm Lecien is a refined choice for fans of floral compositions. The basis of kits is the drawings of the Japanese artist Fujico Hashimoto's. The peculiarity of the works of the artist is that she draws flowers in vases, paying attention not only to inflorescences, but the stalks, herbs, water in the vase, stressing that flowers continued to live in the water. Flowers, water and herbs calm and bring harmony. Watercolor style of the works is excellently passed into the embroidery thanks to the talented designers of Lecien and high-quality materials of the kits.

The cross stitch kits Fujiko is performed on the canvas, Aida 16, Japanese floss Cosmo. The bulk of the works is done with full cross embroidered two strands, separate elements of are done with half cross, also in all kits there are a large number of "backstitch" technique. Also you can meet French knots, thread, etc. The kits for embroidery Fujiko there are from 60 to 130 shades of yarn resulting in effect of watercolor and smooth transitions of flower shades.

We recommend Fujiko kits for experienced embroderers, for ones who like flowers and bouquets. All works are perfectly combined between each other and allow you to decorate your room with beautiful bouquets. These pictures carry the harmony and calm of Japanese culture, understanding of the beauty of nature.

The company Lecien also presents a flower series based on the drawings of botanic and artist Pierre-Joseph Reduté.

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