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I have received my order. Thank you. It did not inclde instrunctions in English. Can you email them to me, please?

Thank you, Sarah


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Golden Hands

The kits "Golden hands"- bead embroidery with full coverage of canvas using basic black and white scheme, as in cross stitch kits. There is no printed background image on the fabric. At the moment it is unique product on the Russian market with outstanding technique and quality.

Despite the fact that the company is still very young, the kits by "Golden hands" are becoming increasingly popular among embroiderers because of its specific and colorful stories, as well as an excellent study and selection of beads. The inclusion of decorative items such as pendants, fringe, rhinestones in embroidery gives it brilliance and volume. All kits are completed with Czech beads of good quality, canvas, user-friendly scheme and needle for embroidery.

The bead embroidery of "Golden hands" goes to a whole new level of creativity, the beads here are no longer act as supporting element of the picture, they are the main material. Such approach requires the designers to have extra sensitivity in color selection and matching the ever-changing shades of the beads. The paintings could be used up to 60 colors, the size of the pictures can also be very large. The bead embroidery with full coverage finds more and more fans despite its laboriousness, size and the complexity of these paintings.

You might also be interested in a series of kits for cross stitch by "Golden hands".

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