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Crochet (Rainbow of Beads)

The company "Rainbow of Beads - Crochet" produces kits for beaded embroidery since 1997.
Actually it was "Rainbow of Beads" which for the first time in Russia used the technology of applying photorealistic images on linen fabric for the production of kits for stitching. For many stitchers "Rainbow of beads" kits become first kits in which they tried this technique, these stitchers are loyal to the brand to this day. The company's product line contains today kits for stitching of icons with regular and jewelry beads, flowers, landscapes of varying size and complexity, as well as kits for making bracelets, necklaces, trinkets, toys.
The company is constantly evolving, developing new stitching techniques, improves print quality on the fabric, as well as the quality of components. Twice a year "Rainbow of Beads" releases a new printed catalog "Rainbow of Beads - Crochet". New products introduced by the company can be seen on majority of needlework exhibitions of Russia where "Rainbow of Beads" is usually present.
"Rainbow of Beads" today is equal to quality and excellent results of stitching work, a lot of stitchers in Russia remain faithful in their choice of kits "Rainbow of Beads".

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