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Bead embroidery kits

The bead embroidery kits - great selection and high quality.

The bead embroidery are becoming more and more popular among the needlewomen. In fact, bead embroidery kits is much faster than regular cross stitching. The resulting work of сross stitching with beads is also very different from the stitching by muline threads: the beads are made of glass, which plays and shimmers depending on the lighting, so your work will also change depending on the angle of light. Such pictures are vibrant, they are constantly changing, it is interesting to look at them from different angles. But of course, the result will be very dependent on the quality of beads - its resistance to fading, calibration, quality of colors selection done by designer.

Therefore, if you are interested in bead embroidery, it is better to buy proven producers.

You can buy such kits both from Russian and foreign manufacturers. The main thing is to pay attention to the manufacturer of the material itself: usually it is Czech, Chinese, or Japanese. The best beads are done in Japan, they are distinguished by the variety of colors, sizes, very good calibration, lack of defects and a large opening for the needles. Unfortunately, they are very expensive and are used rarely in the kits. Czech beads are inferior to Japanese quality, but in terms of price-quality is the best choice. The cheapest are Chinese beads, not the best choice. Despite the cheapness of these kits, you can encounter a lots of production defects, and that over time the beads will lose their color.

So, if you seriously inspired to practice stitching with beads you can buy such kit in internet-shops. Here you will be friendly advised, these suggestions will help to make the right choice so stitching process will be a joy with the end result pleasing your eyes for years.

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